About Us

"Prestolite" a prominent name in the Luminaries Industry, has been in the horizon from the year 1979. During the 15 years of existence "Prestolite" pioneered many innovations in the luminaries industry. Over the years, we have built up the expertise which enables us to give the most PRESTOLITING EXPERIENCES. "Prestolite" has come to personify reliability, quality and safety in the lighting Industry. A commitment to customers' needs and passion for excellence has become the twin hallmarks of "PRESTOLITE" and it's now an undisputed Brand in the National & International Market.

Introduction of Past :

The company with a modest turnover of Rs.1 lakh in the first year geared up gradually. Today the company’s turnover is an Impressive 8 Crores set to go beyond expected limits in terms of contribution to illumination industry and to the national exchequer.

Distribution Network :

"PRESTOLITE" distribution network spreads across the length and breadth of India. The distributor's, dealers and representatives are always in constant touch with actual users-not only for their requirements, but also to offer after-sales-services. This enables "PRESTOLITE" to give more personalised services.

Research & Development :

A pioneer in any Industry falls back heavily on research and development. "PRESTOLITE" laboratory is equipped with all the facilities required to carry out routine, acceptance and Type tests on complete Luminaries and accessories. This full fledged R & D laboratory enables us to maintain a continuous growth in technology. Cost and energy effective products are the results due to our own R & D efforts coupled with 'ONLINE' value engineering and the availability of the most appropriate and advanced technical know-how. "PRESTOLITE" has embraced the concept of TOTAL QUALITY CONTROL, i.e, the skill used to produce products with zero defects.